Areas of Application

Even for first-time users, GWR Nano is easier to install than traditional insulation material. That’s because installing GWR Nano is like applying a layer of dense latex paint. Minimal preparatory work is required.


Metal and other structures

  • Metal structures
  • Plumbing support structure
  • Bridge support beams (reduces the risk of freezing)
  • Internal structural elements of vehicles, engine compartments, roof structures

Systems, Equipment

  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Chassis of military equipment and other special purpose equipment
  • Road and railway tanks for the transport of various liquids, hulls, decks, and other structural elements of ships

Tanks, Pipes

  • Steam and gas pipelines
  • District heating pipelines
  • Cold-water pipes, water reservoirs, water heaters and boilers
  • Petroleum pipelines (underground and aboveground)
  • Hot chemical mixing tanks
  • Water and various chemical storage tanks and reservoirs
  • Road and rail tanks

Residential and industrial buildings

  • Walls (both exterior and interior), roof structures (both exterior and interior)

Hangars and garages

  • Hangars and garages
  • Residential and transport containers
  • Cold rooms
  • Cold stores
  • Tunnels

Building materials

  • The innovative GWR Nano Insulation material is compatible with most building materials!