GWR is a leading player in nanotechnology development. The Research & Development Department, which is located in Budapest, is constantly working to advance the firm’s technology. The focus of the Department’s research is enhancing raw materials with special characteristics.



The most important of the current developments is the re-review and confirmation of the thermal insulation capacity of GWR with precision testing, the management of said testing, and the verification of constant and clearly demonstrable advantages compared to traditional materials.


The aim of the experiment is to present authentic and demonstrable results about the thermal insulation capacity of GWR. To achieve this, experts perform simultaneous measurements on two completely identical transport containers: one container has a 1 mm thick GWR insulation, while the other remains in its original, raw state. The process begins with the insulation of one of the containers, and then, after the drying time has elapsed, the measurements required to verify the testing begin.

  1. Step: The side-by-side recording of external and internal temperatures.
  2. Step: Both containers are equipped with identical air conditioners that keep the internal air temperatures constant.
  3. Step: The energy consumption required for this temperature maintenance is recorded with the help of an accredited instruments, then the data are compared.

Duration of the experiment and results

The experiment lasts for 365 days, the results are continuously recorded, and then the final results are determined by supervising verification engineers. The results will then be displayed as the official indicators for GWR.